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The Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Venta Valero” is the tribute that Vicente Méndez, the visible head of three olive farmers generations, makes to the small village were he was born. A small village in Almedinilla, in Subbética´s mountains (South Spain) with no more than fifty habitants, sorrounded by a sea of centenarians olives trees at the top of a mountain with 960 meters altitude and crossroads between Jaén, Córdoba and Granada.

Vicente Méndez grow up playing around olive trees, working with his parents, and he learned from then the teachings and the value of a way of living, that now he teaches to the next generation. That's why “Aceites Vicente Méndez” is today a solid and a familiar business with two strongs pillars, the tradition of the olive farming and the constant effort of a passionate family for the extra virgin olive oil.

Dreaming with Olive Oil

"Vale más soñar la propia vida que vivirla, aunque vivirla es también soñarla"

Since a very young age, Vicente Méndez worked with his family between olive trees in Subbética´s mountains, and he dreamed of having his own extra virgin olive oil. He never gave up to his dream and took care of him own lands, to make his own olive oil, the olive oil of an orchard.

Walking between Vicente Méndez's olive trees is a pure pleasure, new olive trees and centenary ones as well, that have blended branches full of olives waiting for the harvest.

A Olive land pampered and well preserved all year along, that keeps his own green underneath the tree, sign of a respected land, almost virgin. A life-generating land that serves as a shelter and sustenance to a fauna that is beneficial to olive grove.

Our commitment is to live in a natural environment like the olive lands, taking care of it and keep in it in a perfect state all year, waiting for the harvest, and that “green rain of olives”, that   transport us to our dream, to give a good future for the next generations yet to come.

Hard work, effort and a whole family tradition, make this extra virgin olive oil a reality that is presented under the brand “Venta Valero”.

Venta Valero EVOO

Variedad Hojiblanca

A green fruity flavour and intense bitter, lightly sweet and spicy at the same time, with apple notes, green almond, artichoke, tomato plant and fig tree in middle notes. The spicy goes slowly into your mouth and then in comes up brightly keep in it in a nice way. It ́s an intense extra virgin equilibrated with a persistent spicy flavour that goes bitter into your mouth and it goes away when the spicy comer up.

500 ml glass bottle format painted and screen-printed.

3L sales Unit: : box of 6 bottles of 500ml