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Venta Valero EVOO


How do we make the extra virgin Olive Oil “Venta Valero”.

Altitude, climate, land, variety, age, harvest time, milling, a lot of factors are determinants at the time to get that true premium extra virgin olive oil.

In Vicente Mendéz's olive oil for so long, we have pampered our lands, that are located in a mountain zone of 600 meters above the sea, with warm summers and very cold winters that make the lands rich in everything needed.

Venta Valero is a olive oil of a always early harvest of hojiblanca olives, that we pick up when the olive adquires a yellow tone that indicates the “envero”, then we transport the olives to the factory in less than an hour. In the factory, first we do an intense cleaning, taking off all of the leaves, the olive is milled and it is extracted in cold to temperatures always inferior to 22 ºC.

Garantía de calidad

This way of the evoo extraction guarantees us a better conservation of part of the bioelements (polyphenols, tocopherols,etc) that are the responsible agents of the healthy effects of a extra virgin olive oil, and all the taste that give us this fruit freshly collected that remains in our extra virgin olive oil.

Once the olive oil is extracted, we store it in an inert stainless steel tank that help us keep the evoo in the same condition as freshly moltured, because this technic prevents evolution and oxidation

In this way we get that at the time of its packing out our extra virgin olive oils conserve all its strength and its aromas such an apple, green almond, tomato plant and fig tree.